World Economic Forum 100 Davos Women Davos 2024 The AI & Blockchain Lounge by Ahura AI

It’s vital to drive value for the world and maximise the world. I am excited to be attending World Economic Forum 100 Davos Women Davos 2024 The AI & Blockchain Lounge by Ahura AI to focus in on & Ambassador Human Optimisation System to fast track mental resilience.

Exploring sustainable trade and financial investment inside the SDGs requires human capacity & social trust, a central topic linked to AI at World of Women Foundation 

In his timely new book, “Why Trust Matters,” economist Benjamin Ho reminds us of the crucial role trust plays in our growing prosperity and human progress. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested our resilience, and AI has provided us with tools to overcome challenges and build trust. 

My take – Lets embrace this new world emerging within AI and rebuild the foundation of trust for a better future. 

Inclusion and diversity are not just buzzwords but require meaningful actions. Let’s bridge the gap between words and deeds to create a more inclusive and diverse society.

AI challenged us to work faster. Exploring sustainable trade and financial investment inside the United Nations SDGs requires human capacity, a central topic linked to AI at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week. Davos 2024 The AI & Blockchain Lounge by Ahura AI. 

Just two days left me inspired & fully engaged interacting with Paul Polmanformer Ceo of Unilever & a panel discussion between Professor Marc Le Menestrel from INSEAD Michael Spence from UCL University. The greates inspiration shon through André Hoffmann the man behind the United Nations SDG Davos tent Vice Chairman of Roche & Co-Founder of Intent.

As a leader, it’s an honor to be surrounded by the most powerful decision-makers and to learn from the incredible contributions of leaders like the RHT Hon Helen Clark. 

The Optimisation Hub System App & fast track mental resilience, designed around the UN SDGs. The one area that neeeds our focus is human capacity, and our identity which will in turn strengthen our resilience and inter societal trust. 

Creating a mindset that encourages collaborative endeavors and redefines success as a shared journey amplifies our ability to build a more interconnected and compassionate global community. Sadly we don’t educate these tools which is why we’ve created the e learning white label assets we have to stabilise a challenged global Soc eco market.

Together, we can make a difference. The notion of doing well be doing good Let’s connect and make it happen! Thankyou for the wonderful friendships Ben Banerjee Bobbi Trehan-Young Dr Mohammad Saeed

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