Life Trac


course description

Life TRAC (Transformational Resilience Action Collaboration), is a model that has been developed specifically for the needs of young people transitioning into the work environment.

It is designed to reward and grow you professionally and personally enabling the development of your unique professional and personal strengths and broadening the career you are transitioning into. It is a leadership resilience program that caters for high-speed, high-delivery, high-stress, and high-performance people who work in diverse environments.

It is a practical, and straightforward course that provides the tools and support for your career and leadership journey.

Benefit of Life Trac

1. As you transition into work, your identity is challenged by new stakeholders, beliefs, needs, and your ability to balance change. Get ahead of the curve and plan for success.

2. As environments and relationships change, understanding how you lead, reviewing different types of leadership and communication risk and resilience.

3. Plan to make room for more roles and know how to manage them. Role management and communication.

4. Developing your leadership pulse by planning, bringing people with you and keeping your goals on track.


Teams Pillar - 4 Weeks 4 Modules