A Coach’s Voice

(for coaches, referees and umpires who are new, emerging,& elite)

course description

A Coach’s Voice is an answer to the needs of coaches and referees, who are often the forgotten athletes. The program is packed with tools to support and develop coaches and referees of all levels. Coaches & Referees across all sports and codes play a vital role in the cultural development of our athletes.

The Optimisation Hub has developed a coaches voice program to address the complex needs of coaches in a contemporary sporting environment. Elite coaches often began their sporting careers as athletes themselves, so subsequently many of the same pressures affecting athletes are also apparent in a coaching career.

The program supports the elite and developing coach as it has 3 levels of engagement according to the stage of your coaching career. Coaches are our forgotten athletes needing support in their professional resilience, their tools to manage stakeholders and support their role but also develop those self management, identity resilience and communication tools they need for the athletes they work with. The program has delivered to coaches internationally who have continuously reported how this program helped hem to master coaching at any level of their coaching career to achieve the highest level of coaching personal and professional development.

course duration

4 x 1.5 hours (90 Minutes sessions) online and a full 24-page workbook

course PRICE

Professional Coaches Premium
AUD $149 pp
Group Range 15-25 persons
(Individual Questionnaire & 24-page work-book)

Professional Coaches Premium Professional
AUD $189 pp
Group Range 15-25 persons
Additional one to one coaching session
(Individual Questionnaire & 24-page work-book)