Transformational Pulse

13-17 YEARS

course description

Transformational Pulse is an engagement program for disengaged youth who struggle. It has been identiked that the challenges faced by society today, can also break young people down to the point where they become disengaged and cannot access what they need. They ohen get stuck in paterns and are unable to see a way forward.

Designed as a leadership workshop, it takes the student through a journey of self-activation and self-monitoring to shih reactionary behaviours to responsive thinking and activation of positive outco- mes, turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

With the high rates of diligence in schools, this program is a needed essential which runs over 3 workshops and has 2 follow ups, with measurement of behavioural change throughout.


Tailored delivery options available. 1-on-1 or 4x1hr workshops with supporting workbooks and easy and fun tools included.