Athlete's Pace

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Are you a high-performance professional athlete in transition between roles in sport and life beyond? The Optimisation Hub presents "Athlete's Pace," a transformation program specifically designed for athletes aged 20-40 who have transitioned into coaching or assistant coaching roles, as well as those moving into new careers.

We understand the challenges faced by athletes when transitioning out of playing careers, and we're here to provide you with a strong platform for success in your new life. This program focuses on identity resilience, performance, vocational planning, life balance, decision making, relationships, and creating a positive future after sports.

Unlock your creative thinking skills, cultivate emotional intelligence and resilience, and develop quick problem-solving abilities.

Choose from tailored options including 1-on-1 sessions or dynamic workshops with workbooks and fun tools to support your journey.


Team Pillar - 6 Weeks 6 Modules

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