The Athlete’s Pace

(for transitioning athletes)

course description

Designed for Athletes in transition for sport/life.

“Athlete’s Pace” is a model that has been developed specifically for the needs of high performance athletes to increase overall life balance, self-management and a capacity for ongoing career success.

The Athletes Pace is a self transformation program designed for transitioning athletes, and those athletes who have already transitioned into coaching or assistant coaching roles, as well as those transitioning out of sport into other careers, or planning to.This evidence based program answers the research and the needs of athletes themselves and sporting organisations. The Pace addresses the issues facing athletes transitioning out of playing careers. Identity, resilience, performance, vocational planning, life balance, self-assessment, decision making, relationships, autonomy and influence are only some of the amazing toolkits addressing the long-term needs of creating a positive life after sport.

This is an ideal program for injury rehabilitation and recovery teaching essential body and mind command tools. The course is taught by experienced based trainers in a live learning environment tightly structured to meet the complex needs of transitional resilience required to harness both career potential and broaden autonomy and influence, the Athlete's Pace is for post career success in life.

The Athlete’s Pace, delivers tools over a succinct 6 week 1 hour a week program, supported by modular based workbooks. The programs recalibrate the whole person, and allow thinking to consider how to engage differently, through a process that’s supported by science, and social training dynamics that solidify learning and personal & professional development.

course duration

8 weeks (4 x 1.2 hours, a 2 week break then an additional 2 x 1 hour sessions)

course PRICE

AUD$189 pp ( Groups of 15)