Sports Pulse

(for young athletes) & (for education)

course description

Sports Pulse is a uniquely designed program for young people facing the challenges of their sporting and school lives. Sports Pulse has been used successfully to develop and support mental agility and identity in young athletes, preventing anxiety and sustaining high performance. The unique formulae and toolkit has been successfully used to instill dramatic change in athletes mental agility, performance, and mental health, both nationally and internationally. Delivery of the program provides 6 solid, science-based turn keys and evidence based toolkits for sport and life. Success is reflected in higher performance and an increased sustained positive self conceit and mentally agility in young athletes, who emerge from programs readily able to recognise and master when to utilise the tools they have learnt, as they face both sporting, and life transitions. The workbook and experience of the trainers provides the necessary contemporary environment in a light, fun and authentic learning environment delivered offline and online. Dubbed as ‘the’ program filling the much needed prevention and mental performance gap Sports Pulse is one of our most utilised programs.

course duration

4 weeks - (4 x 1 hour sessions)

course PRICE

AUD$79.00 pp ( class size 30)