Leadership Pulse

(for young leaders in schools & education)

course description

A program for young leaders, the Leadership Pulse program has operated successfully across 20 schools and also across the Pacific and EU. It is designed to meet young leaders who are tasked to bring together multiple stakeholders and lead culture in school environments, while facing the challenges of their own education and achievement .

Youth leaders have a desire to learn and are seeking more and more advanced tools to manage or cope with the challenges of leading in a world of constant change and challenge. Our global youth face resilience based challenges daily and need to equip themselves to become responsible leaders. Leadership can be demanding and young leaders in schools often have several levels of capacity with stakeholder groups and ways to access them more and more diversely. It’s essential to provide an array of tools and a well paced sequence of practical applications to support youth leaders across multiple demands. To transition quickly between demands, lead and build communities and teams from those around you become essential for our school based leaders. The leadership pulse program has also provided an excellent source of leadership tools that can be used by graduates in industry or their tertiary goals.

Online and offline courses include an online workbook, survey and interim assessment and courses in person follow a Covid safe format supported by online workbooks.

course duration

3 x 1.5 hour sessions - (3 weeks)

course PRICE

AUD $89.00 pp