Beyond the Label

– The Wellness of Volunteers, Caregivers, and People of All Abilities

course description

The world can be highly pressured for career caregivers and their families. At The Optimisation Hub, we recognize the need for resilience support and community building within the caregiver community.

Introducing "Beyond the Label," a resilience program designed for caregivers supporting their communities and facing high-stress situations.

Whether you're a paid caregiver, volunteer, family member, or support person, this program is for you. We acknowledge the challenges you face and provide you with the necessary tools and skills to care for your own resilience and well-being.

Join our 4-week program consisting of 4 interactive sessions, delivered by experienced facilitators. Let's build resilience together and create a stronger, more supported community.


Teams Pillar - 4 Weeks 4 Modules

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