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Unlock your leadership potential with Leadership TRAC, a transformational coaching program designed for intensive one-on-one sessions. Unlike traditional coaching, we provide tangible tools and worksheets that guide sustained change and personal growth. Our balanced and concise course material promotes quick uptake and practical application of information, empowering you to thrive both personally and professionally as a leader.

At the Optimisation Hub, we are leaders in sports industry development, holding licenses in the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK). Supported by multinational corporations, we have a proven track record of cultivating brand culture and development.

In our Leadership TRAC - Governance and Leadership course, we focus on:

Creating a strong team through airtight governance culture

Emphasizing that sustainable growth and cultural stability require dedication 

Facilitating the development of a clear culture through effective assessment and definition, allowing the organization to thrive

Sports organizations face unique challenges and growth opportunities. Our professional development and leadership invigoration package addresses each individual's growth journey and personal brand identity. We also cater to the diverse needs of leadership and management teams operating in dynamic, fast-paced sport environments.

In the past, the importance of soft skills development and resilience in sports leadership has often been overlooked. The TRAC program aims to kickstart a year of growth and strengthen sports leadership teams. By fostering a culture of resilience and supported communication, we create exciting opportunities for individual and organizational growth, driving efficiencies, enjoyment, skills, innovation, and exciting progress.


Teams Pillar - 4 Weeks 4 Modules

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Leadership Trac

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