Historic reflection keeps us humble as we keep striving as each generation sets a new ease.

World Women davos World Economic Forum collectively paved a road that was a thought shattering & ground-making not breaking day. 

The World Women Davos Moonshot conference, was nothing short of worldleading. Amidst the packed room stretching beyond capacity, the energy was palpable, and I didn’t leave from 8:15 am to 9:30 pm. A road paved by founder Rupa D. From the Power of Equality Moonshot to Global Media Dialogues, India Equality Moonshot, to the future of AI, and funding womens projects by 2050 and countless more Moonshots aiming for the moon and passing on to the stars, it felt just right. In every seat or space where I stood or spoke, I was enveloped by mutual admiration, care, conversation, and a shared commitment.

It was a transformative experience, a room filled with selfless genuine men and women dedicated to weaving our collective stories and avenues of work. 

From being an avid fan of HON Helen Clark for 30 years to experiencing the incredible supportive network facilitated by Rupa D. and the World Women Foundation, the awards evening highlighted the extraordinary wisdom of HRH Ambassador Reema Bandar A. Saud, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States and a true World Women Hero, leading global diplomacy.

Acknowledgment is due to World Women Hero Nadja Swarovskim Managing Partner at Pegasus Private Capital & Businesswoman, whose commitment and accolades truly stand out. Special mention goes to Rhiannon Martin FIFA Women’s World Cup who graciously touched on women’s need to support each other in collective wisdom . Being in the presence of these women and witnessing their commitment and energy was an inspiration. As Helen Clark stated, facing the daggers at your back is part of the journey, and the mark of success is carried with grace and forthrightness.

What touched me the most was the graciousness of Her Excellency, who extended her love to Rupa Dash’s 11-year-old daughter, the MC for the segment. Her words, “As a princess, it’s right now for me to give accolade to the next generation. To our incredible MC, a princess needs to give deference to a queen.” A day filled with countless memorable moments and a profound reminder that no matter what, we must dare to be the first and navigate through challenges with resilience and courage. What is the one thing that surprises people about you or me will always be how we carry ourselves through challenge to overcome and maintain single focus.

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