Live Online Programs

Access to live online lessons containing 46 different tools, managed by highly stimulating presenters delivering valuable, life-changing programs.

The Optimisation Hub’s school-based programs are designed to compliment the current cirriculum. These programs aim to walk alongside support services that are already available to students to further enhance their educational experience, and include skillsets such as: Increasing Self Awareness, Mental Resilience, and Effective E-communication among others.

Sports Resilience Pulse

Targeted delivery sports high performance programs & teams (12-18-year old’s)

A program for young people facing the challenges of sporting lives and schoolwork We know our young people are coming through talent and academy programs younger than before and sport itself has identified a need for building the capacity for young students to develop & maintain their resilience early.

Our program has been successfully used internationally and Australian-wide to instil dramatic change in athletes.

Core Skills We Focus On:

  • Self-Awareness/self-drive, resilience and mental dexterity and mental agility.
  • Enhancing individual capacity for self-management and positive choices.
  • Personal fulfilment through alignment and balancing personal goals with student-centred objectives.
  • Life Balance & identity (Broader Identity) – Balance of lifestyle through successfully combining Sports- based objectives with personal achievements.
  • Focused direction planning and self-management – Internal and external environment management, needs, support and role balance and role management.
  • Self-efficacy and stress loading, stress management, effective communication with external and internal stakeholders.
  • Resilience diversity – value-based decisions, change management, anticipating and planning for change, greater ability to deal with change in through personal balance.

Program Outcomes Increase:

  • Mental dexterity (agility in day to day function and in sport)
  • Higher levels of performance (in sport and life)
  • Focus and clarity
  • Diverse resilience
  • Life balance
  • Self-management (in today’s fast paced environment)
  • Mental toughness
  • Motivation Mental Skills

Join Our Programs Now!

  • Course Name: Sports Pulse
  • Course Duration: 4 weeks – (4 x 1 hour sessions)
  • Course Cost: $79 (Special COVID-19 assistance price of $40 April only)
  • Course Name: Transformational Pulse
  • Course Duration: 4 weeks – (4 x 1 hour sessions)
  • Course Cost: $69 (Special COVID-19 assistance price of $40 April only)
  • Course Name: Leadership Pulse
  • Course Duration: 4 weeks – (4 x 1 hour sessions)
  • Course Cost: $89 (Special COVID-19 assistance price of $40 April only)

Online workbooks and with 48 core tools and a fun interactive learning environment stimulating social connectedness that contexts young athletes with their part here and oversees and back into their community team to deliver them in a healthy way through COVID-19.

Social contexts highly influence young athletes even more than most of our school age groups. Education institutions and Sports that plan ahead and have noted the difference the training has made for them and have come back to ask for the online format and formulas as an integrated response to the changes and challenges.