Our evidence-based programs provide athletes with proven strategies and tools to understand mindsets, create change and develop and embed behaviours today.


Athletes go through different development phases that determine how far they come towards realising their full potential. At the Optimisation Hub, we have researched and identified the core development phase of an athlete’s life and then gone on to provide evidence based educational programs grounded in easy to learn tools, to help build, hone in, and refine an athletes key resilience and performance skills sets.

The Optimisation Hub offers a wide range of training, development and support programs to unlock any athlete’s full potential in any stage of their development.

This phase usually begins very early in life when a future athlete newly discovers his or her love for a sport, mostly as they get more and more exposure to their physical and social skills at school, and feel rewarded for this. Young people can extend this interest outside of school and may also play in clubs or regional or national teams where they can hone and refine their skills. An athlete’s interest in a sport in this phase will determine their ambition in the future. This phase is a critical phase for later sports resilience socialisation and engagement.

It is common for athletes to lose focus after facing a minor or major setbacks in their career, or even upon an initial challenge, change of landscape, environment, stage of development or injury. Prevention of taking a challenge to a stop or making it a setback is your most important asset. Focus tools are integral to our programs to remove barriers, blocks and overcome hurdles. Initial withdrawal from pursuing a outcome is the primary factor that hinders Athletes from achieving greatness in their field. At the Optimisation Hub, we work to ensure this isn’t the case by setting core skills in place within our training to help you stay focused no matter what odds are stacked up against you, or what goals you are set to face. The resilience tools we teach are bedded in proven techniques that go that extra mile and focus you on the big picture moving with ease past challenges or new frameworks that could have become setbacks before they happen.

As athletes progress through different levels of the sport, they come across various challenges, and pathways that can lead to confusion, discouraged focus, performance troughs and mental blocks.  This phase requires sharpening and honing in of skills, and is referred to as The Optimisation.

This phase of the Optimisation Hub’s athlete development and support program empowers athletes with the mental resilience to become physical and mental achievers. With a newly found confidence in themselves, the athletes are able to overcome performance troughs and climb to achieve their goals removing fear of failure. Moreover, athletes at Optimisation Hub are conditioned to believe that they can achieve great results every time through their hard work, determination, resilience and consistency. The core tools of stability, balance, and performance continuity through self-management, mental focus, and personal resilience are taught so they become second nature to the developing athlete.

This is perhaps the most critical phase of the Optimisation Hub’s Athlete Training and Support Program as it builds in athlete’s critical self-management skills that will help them to broaden their horizons and learn the discipline required to train for success. It is these self-management skills that the athlete follows throughout their professional career to keep training harder and achieve greater success. This phase is focused on core skills to enhance performance focus and stabilise consistent performance.

In this phase, athletes try to cope up with rapid changes in their physiology as they confront numerous challenges and competition in their career. As they progress through their career, athletes must stay strong both physically as well as mentally so that they can consistently deliver their optimum performance against their opponents. However, this is easier said than done, especially when state-of-the-art fitness training facilities are available to almost everyone these days. So how can you gain an edge over your opponent? At Optimisation Hub, we build in our athlete’s critical self-management skills that allow them to stay defiant against all odds and stay focused on the end goal which is to win. It is this quality that marks the difference between a dreamer and an achiever.

This is when sports athletes identify elite sports and establish a strong sports base from which to launch their professional career in diverse areas with sport as a strong contributor to their professional growth. The core tools the Optimisation Hub conditions within this phase are set to enhance an athlete’s capacity to open out many opportunities whilst maintaining performance excellence such that they have the will, confidence, determination, discipline, mental resilience and self-management skills to make a name of their own in the field they choose. This develops the athlete as a whole person utilising the core tools of sport to optimise life more broadly.


Our succinct programs are delivered in a concise six-week timeline where we work on achieving five key outcomes for our clients.
Our programs are modular and designed to address the areas of vulnerability highlighted in available research.

Efficacy is calculated through both quantitative and qualitative results, with athletes using a sliding scale to self-report on a range of measurements.


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