The Athlete’s Edge – Essentials

(for emerging athletes striving for state and regional representation aged between 16 – 22 )

course description

The Athlete’s Edge is our most popular and utilised agility program with over 5000 athletes previously engaged in this fast paced, performance science program. Designed for emerging and elite high performance athletes seeking to develop their careers, the program focuses on teaching tools that are simple and immediately easy to use day to day for the athlete as a whole person. The focus is sustained positive mental health and performance agility through 58 tools timed and paced to athlete needs. Resilience delivery and self sustainable learning is an art and this program content and delivery captures it perfectly.

The Athlete’s Edge has been designed to increase high performance, clear focus, transitional resilience, performance growth curves and career development in young emerging high performance athletes. The model provides participants with core techniques to prevent the common issues facing emerging young athletes and prevents mental health deterioration while increasing personal and professional achievement.

The commitment is 4 sessions which occur once every week for 4 weeks and a check in session offered 1 month later to check in and evaluate the athletes mental agility application and outcomes. Every athlete has 3-4 trainers in session. The Athlete's Edge is focused on teaching tools that are simple, straight-forward and easy to use day to day and has been designed to increase performance and sustain growth, resilience, focus and development in high performance athletes.

course duration

4 weeks - (4 x 1 hour sessions)

course PRICE

Groups AUD$129.00 pp ( class size 30)