The Athlete’s Edge – Advanced

(for professional athletes, national and aspiring national athletes, paralympic athletes, olympic athletes, and olympic hopes)

course description

The Athlete's Edge Professional Athletes aged between 16-30 Yrs

“The Athlete’s Edge” Advance is for our elite and semi elite athletes and has been structured to be delivered in the high speed performance environments found in elite sport and the paced content works with athlete’s cycles of focus and performance needs.

The Edge Advance is an exciting adventure program, established for professional athletes to capture their experience to apply to any transition with success, building mental agility skills to grow their sporting potential, while enhancing their skill base. The Athlete’s Edge Advanced program is matched to the growing demand of long term athletes who are leading and seeking to lead and sustain performance in the professional sports arena. The course has been structured to be delivered in the high-speed performance environments found within elite sport. The paced content works with athlete’s cycles of focus, training and performance needs whilst supporting whole person sustainable skills development.

The Edge Advanced has been developed specifically for the needs of high performance athletes to increase self determined professional growth, sustained and incremental performance and self activated mental resilience and mental agility to support mental health. The modular structure has been delivered in high speed performance environments and has been favoured by European Olympic committees and national teams. Recently, the discussion focus of several mental health panels praised the delivery of sustainable toolkits and the ongoing formula for mental agility unique to both The Optimisation Hub and The Edge program delivery as meeting the needs of contemporary sport mental skills training head on.

“Advance for Professional Athletes” is designed to reward and grow both the professional and personal aspects of life. The cycle of professionalism has presented career athletes with opportunities to develop faster, often presenting challenges to personal strengths whilst broadening their career . The benefit of acquiring tools learnt in most professional careers around high performance enables a career athletes to cultivate a series of skills that are transferable as well as access the resilience skills and focus tools that enhance their performance incrementally and help them to grow more diversity as people alleviating the pressures that can cause anxiety and issues later in transitions . Planning now and broadening skills is essential for career athletes.

This program can also be used as an ideal program also for injury rehabilitation and recovery teaching essential body and mind command tools and several.

course duration

6 week modular format, once a week aligned to training

course PRICE

AUD$149 pp (per group of 30 online )