OHUB Clinical

OHub Clinical provides mental health services in supporting its clients to achieve their best in all areas of their life, including at home, school/work, sport, and areas of individual excellence. with the support of trained psychologists, OHub Clinical offers professional support aimed at developing personal confidence, identity and drive, whilst also building individual resilience.

OHub Clinical is a division of The Optimisation Hub which delivers evidence-based programs to sport, corporate and defence sectors, designed for excellence in culture and performance. Visit the link now to learn more.


The Optimisation Hub’s Youth Pulse programs are designed to compliment the current school curriculum by integrating into the school day or it can be part of the extra-curricular school timetable. The programs aim to walk alongside support services that are already available to students, to further enhance the educational experience. The purpose built-programs are designed to empower students to take ownership and control of their learning and lives; and to maximise a student’s learning potential within their learning environment.

For our youth, this is a critical time when outside influences have outgrown a young person’s capacity to manage and navigate multiple stimulations. Resources are often scattered in this area and our assessment shows the criteria for scholastic and non academic achievement lies heavily on the mental agility and ability to self resource for our youth today.

Life is a process of constant learning and change. Managing and coping with change is a process and not something that happens Automatically. The way that we learn to deal with change forms habits – some good, some not so good. The youth of today face significant and constant changes, of which they may be at different stages of dealing with. 

No matter what technology or economic change takes place over those school years, your children will enter the next stage of their life ready to take on challenges and take advantage of any opportunities.

By being part of Youth Pulse you open the opportunity for your child to comfortably explore new ideas, build a better understanding of self, and develop lifelong skills that will help them today and in the future when they transition into life and employment.


Leadership is the key facet of excellence in any organisation to bring strong leadership, presence, character, presentation, capability, budgetary, and operational management is essential. operational project leadership has required the ability to forecast behaviours and identify the necessary times for communication, and what to communicate to enable effective strongly positive brand behaviours through teams.


The Optimisation Hub is positioned as a strong leader in sports industry development with licenses now in the EU and UK and support from multinational corporates who have experienced the brands culture and development work. The Optimisation hub can  offer a short concise culture invigoration and mapping workshop designed to define, mobilise and materialise the components of culture that win premierships.

  • Creating a stronger and better team through airtight governance culture is imperative.

  • There’s no quick fix for growth and cultural stability so working on it is essential.

  • The perks of the cultural bonds are simple and facilitation, assessment and airtight definition and methods to sustain culture allows the organisation to relax and focus on delivering “culture wins premierships”.

  • Entrepreneurship, values, culture identity and the strategy and communication that makes a culture to integrate follow and live by.


The Optimisation Hub’s offering for the Military and its high-performance uniformed services will help create and leave a real legacy by strengthening military, policing and corrections and tackling a long-standing issue with personnel/staff adjustments, providing the necessary resilience education which has been lacking these fields.

The Optimisation Hub is here to support uniformed services in their unique roles and purpose of service. We provide state of the art programs for corrections, military and police, imbeded in science, using evidence-based strategies and process.

Over 17 years uniformed professionals have enjoyed the harvest of the skills we teach to build clear minds for performance and resilience that will support the behaviours of ongoing balance stress management, focus, and the capability to lead and manage team and public service relationships in all service sectors in an optimised way.

We know the number one asset for staff defence and corrections personnel is mental resilience. We also know that the number one asset for an organisation is the ongoing health, resilience, and public interface of your people, as a balanced extension of government servicing the community.

The core issues of stress, and facets of the pace and demand experienced in uniformed careers, can take its toll and affect both decision making capacity, resilience, identity and the culture of the armed forces. The Optimisation Hub is a committed brand that have developed core resilience programs focussed on addressing the gap for our uniformed populations.