A Woman's Pace

course description

“A Woman’s Pace” is specifically designed for high performance female athletes. The new breed of self-determination and striving, for today’s female athletes who combine the life of an athlete with work and parenting. The growth, popularity, development and professionalisation of opportunities for women, has increased exponentially across a variety of sporting codes. We have studied understood and developed this program as a response to the needs outlined by female athletes for female athletes supporting sport professionalisation which allows more women to compete in sport at an elite level, but many are faced with issues relating to the balancing and management of multiple roles while this space is in transition. From navigating identity issues, finding balance between work, parenting, sport and school, through to season traditional resistance and adversity resilience, this four week course is a fast paced model designed to address the needs to today’s women in elite & professional sport.

course duration

3 weeks - (3 x 1 hour sessions)

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